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In order to appropriately diversify risk, M&C's investment policy includes compliance with the following risk concentration limits:
  • » M&C does not invest more than 20% of its assets in Italian or foreign hedge funds;
  • » M&C invests in at least three assets, none of which makes up more than 50% of its assets;
  • » any investments made in real estate entities shall not exceed 50% of M&C's total assets.
With respect to the geographical requirements, the investments are made in Italy, Europe, the Americas and the Far East.
M&C does not have strict performance indicators when it selects potential investments but assesses them individually considering historical data of the potential investee, its sector, market position and business plan with a suitable horizon. It also considers critical success factors, risk factors, the investee's organisation and strategic business areas and the possibility for the investee to be related with M&C's other investees. Specifically, the company concentrates on medium to long-term investments, without excluding investments with different timeframes when the risk/return ratio is acceptable.

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