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M&C's equity investments strategy consists of the acquisition of majority or minority investments in listed and unlisted Italian or foreign entities, active in the industrial, financial, real estate, commercial and services sectors, including entities that invest in credit or provide lending services.
Its investment policy is mainly addressed at:

  • » entities with growing annual revenue and/or with high growth potential;
  • » entities with adequate invested capital remuneration rates or that have high remuneration growth potential;
  • » entities with gross operating profit below market average or that should improve significantly with specific strategic and/or management input;
  • » entities that manage to make a gross operating profit but are in financial difficulties such to prejudice their ability to repay their debts and/or make investments necessary to ensure growth;
  • » entities that offer equity growth potential;
  • » entities under insolvency proceedings, such as court-approved creditors’ settlements and extraordinary administration;
  • » investments during generational handovers in order to ensure continuity in the entity’s development and/or decisions;
  • » spin-offs or discontinuance of business units by groups comprising entities active in different sectors.

The investment activity includes also other financial instruments, as defined by article 1.2 of the Consolidated Finance Act. These instruments may be listed or unlisted, Italian or foreign but may not be traded on an ongoing basis.

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